Conditions of use

Before using our services, please read the Conditions of use governing Tourisme Québec Image Bank Web site.

Each time you use the Image Bank, you acknowledge and signify that you have read the Conditions of use and agree to be bound by them. You can refer to these Conditions of use at any time by clicking on the "Conditions of use" link at the bottom of each page in the Image Bank Web site.

Image Bank: The Web site of Tourisme Québec, located at

Applicant: Any user of the Image Bank Web site of Tourisme Québec who submits an order for videos(video download order ) or a membership application.

User: Any person who has been granted access to the Image Bank Web site of Tourisme Québec through provision of a username and password authorizing video searches and download requests.

Link: A hyperlink that sends visitors to another Web site or page.

Image Bank: The Image Bank of Tourisme Québec.

2.Authorized use of the Image Bank.
The Image Bank is reserved exclusively for tourism professionals aiming to promote Québec as a tourist destination. Under no circumstances shall images obtained through the Image bank library be used for any direct commercial purposes.
The Image Bank personnel reserves the right to refuse access to its image bank to any applicant or to withdraw access rights and privileges from any user without prior notice.
Organizations employing users holding a password are entirely responsible for the actions of their employees and, consequently, for all transactions effected by them.

3.Procedure to access the Image Bank.
All individuals who match the professional profile stated above and who wish to have access to the Image Bank Web site must submit an application form completed in full. After examining the application, the Image Bank personnel reserves the right to grant or deny access to the applicant.
Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password, username and download code. They are also responsible for all transactions effected using their password and codes. Users agree to notify the Image Bank personnel immediately should they discover unauthorized use of their password and codes.

4.Authorized use of videos and the Image bank.
Duplication of videos by users or third parties is strictly prohibited. Videos shall not be stored electronically. Use of videos via a network is prohibited.
Cropping or altering by any means whatsoever of videos to be published is strictly prohibited without the written authorization of the Image bank personnel.
Under no circumstances shall vidéos obtained through the Image library be used for any direct commercial purposes.
Low-resolution videos Watermarked low-resolution videos downloaded shall be used only for project design mock-ups for approval purposes.
Only low-resolution watermarked videos shall be e-mailed to associates, and solely for the purpose of selection by said associate. Such e-mail transmission shall be effected using the "Send" button, provided for this purpose on the Image bank Web site.
High-resolution videos Videos obtained from the Image Bank shall be used solely by authorized users and for the purposes approved. Retransmission of downloaded videos to any person whomsoever or republishing is expressly forbidden without the written authorization of the Image Bank personnel.

5.Procedure for downloading videos (ordering images).
After conducting a search and duly completing an order form, the order shall be submitted to the Image Bank. Once the order has been examined, the applicant will be sent a response by e-mail accepting or denying the request. If the order is accepted,, the Image Bank personnel, will e-mail approved applicants a link enabling them to download the videos requested.
The Image Bank personnel reserves the right to refuse any video loan request under either copyright terms specific to said vidéo or the conditions stated in this document.

6.Image library access and searches.
Users are solely responsible for methods employed to search the Image bank Web site, the search results obtained and the use of said results. The Image Bank nonetheless offers assistance in navigating the Web site.
The Image Bank shall not be held responsible for any withdrawal or interruption of service whatsoever; for the time required to access its site; for any difficulty that may arise while consulting the site or while downloading videos; nor for any other connection-related issue, including viruses.

7.Authorization for use.
As stated in the "Procedure for downloading videos (ordering images)" section, all loans of videos are subject to signature of a video Loan Agreement.
The photo library personnel grants users whose loan request has been approved the right to download one or more video free of charge. Such loans represents a non-exclusive and non-transferable licence solely for the purposes stated in the video Loan Agreement.
Tourisme Québec retains the copyright on videos loaned under the Agreement. However, he assumes no responsibility in the event of a complaint, suit, claim or application on behalf of any person, particularly regarding the rights of any person appearing in a video, arising from the production, reproduction, publication, telecommunication or public distribution by the user of one or more videos that have been cropped or otherwise altered.
The user agrees to respect the paternity right of the film maker and to cite, in close proximity to all videos reproduced, the name of said film maker along with that of Tourisme Québec as the copyright holder.
For this purpose, and in all cases, the following designation shall be used: © TOURISME DU QUÉBEC / NAME OF FILM MAKER or © TQ / NAME OF FILM MAKER
Furthermore, the user agrees to comply with all instructions and restrictions specified in the legend of videos appearing on the image Bank Web site.

The user guarantees to the Image Bank personnel that they shall use the videos in compliance with these Conditions and that, in the event of any non-compliant or prohibited use, they shall indemnify Tourisme Québec against any complaint, suit, claim or demand on behalf of any person arising from such misuse.
Users agree to defend and indemnify Tourisme Québec against any complaint, suit, claim or demand arising from any use that fails to comply or is prohibited under these Conditions or under the Loan Agreement they will receive and sign at the time any video is loaned.

All material posted on the Image Bank Web site (including but not limited to all videos) is and remains the sole and exclusive property of Tourisme Québec.
Furthermore, to protect the content of this site, all videos bear a watermark.

10.Creating a link to the Web site.
When users have received the authorization from the Image Bank to use videos in another Web site, they must insert a link guiding visitors to the home page of Tourisme Québec's general web site, i.e., to enable them to receive complete tourism information on Québec.
To create this link, users will find a selection of clickable banners on the page. The banner chosen can be integrated simply by cutting and pasting the corresponding HTML code. Users must first read the Conditions of use for the "Bonjour Québec" banner.

11.Applicable law, court of competent jurisdiction and contracts.
These Conditions of use are governed by the laws in force in Québec. In the event of dispute, the authorized Québec tribunal shall be the only competent court. These Conditions of use, restrictions and any amendments hereto constitute the entire agreement between the parties hereto.
These Conditions of use are subject to change. Users should read and take cognizance of them each time they use the video library.

12.Retention of personal information. When applicants complete the registration form to gain access to the Image Bank, all information making up their profile is stored in the administrative records. Users can access their profile at any time and make changes as required by sending a request by e-mail to the Image Bank's personnel. To find out more about the general Privacy Policy of, click on Disclaimer | Policy on privacy.

13.Contact information.
For more information, you can reach the Image bank personnel, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern standard time (EST), as follows: video Telephone : (514) 873-7977 ext 4406 E-mail:
All orders for use of videos received via the Image Bank Web site will be processed in the timeliest manner possible.